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Hello there! Welcome to my personal website. Here you can find the following information.

This site

  • 2014~2015.1 Get started with Ghost Blog Platform.
  • 2016.6 Switch to WordPress and change the URL to a purely number.
  • 2016.8~2018.11, Change the domain name to BINARIZATION.COM.
  • 2018.10 Use HUGO to generate a static web page.
  • 2018.11~Present Using domain name TRAFFICMGR.NET.
  • 2019.1 Use VuePress to generate a static web page.

Traffic MGR is the abbreviation of Traffic Manager, but it has no direct relationship with Traffic Manager of Microsoft Azure platform. This domain name will be used to test a series of network programs and will be used for a long time in the future.

It's me

He is a college student who likes to study algorithms and optimize performance. Building a blog in order to let yourself be able to record the strange things that have been tossed, so basically do not publish anything seriously. Living in Chongqing.

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